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Holistic Healing with Herbs and Chinese Medicine is an internet radio show that aired on Voice America’s Health and Wellness Channel from January 15th-April 9th, 2013 and was co-hosted by Andres Vergara, MAc., L.Ac. and Michele Collins, RH (AHG) MPH.  This show offered tools for vitality and health from a 3000 year old healing system, emphasizing how herbs, acupuncture, food and qi gong can be used to treat common chronic and acute health problems. Each week they presented natural solutions for common problems and discuss timely issues of concern to people using these therapies, hosting guests with unique expertise and inviting listeners to share questions and comments. Michele and Andres integrated their extensive clinical experience as Chinese medicine practitioners into the discussions, sharing examples from their clinical practice. Having spent years studying and searching out experts in Chinese and herbal medicine, Michele and Andres carefully presented findings and suggestions intended to enhance your health.

You can replay a show by clicking on the links below or in the episode directory on the show’s website.

Individual Show Recordings

To access the recordings of the individual show, click on the links below.

Intro to Chinese medicine: Chinese Medicine 101

Combining Science and Chinese Medicine for Sustainable Weight Loss

Herbs and Chinese Medicine for the Flu, Common Cold, Allergies, and Asthma

Our Food Can be Our Medicine

Pain Relief with Chinese Medicine

Qi Gong; The Spiritual Science Behind Chinese Medicine

How to Address the Underlying Emotional, Mental, and Spiritual Roots of Dis-Ease

Protecting Plants and Their Native Habitat for Future Generations

Lessons Learned from China about Integrating Herbs with Western Medicine

Tonic Herbs for Radiant Health

Living in Harmony with the Seasons: Lessons from Chinese Medicine

Infertility and Effectiveness of Chinese Medicine

Indigenous Healing Systems and Their Similarities and Differences to Chinese Medicine






















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