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Welcome to Spirit Rising Herbs

Michele and Andres in Arno, Marshall Islands

Michele and Andres in Arno, Marshall Islands

Our goal is to help translate the wisdom of Chinese medicine to make it accessible to everyone to create radiant health for themselves.  On our site, we offer you practical tools  - our blogs, our CDs, our downloadable videos, our DVDs, our internet radio show broadcasts  -  you can use on your own.  We also offer individual consultations, either by phone or in person that provide a comprehensive array of Chinese medicine that includes herbal medicine, medical qi gong, acupuncture, and food/nutrition counseling

Watch a video of Andres providing a brief introduction to some of the benefits of qi gong and nei gong practice (Chinese internal meditation practices) and how these practices can help you develop more radiant health.  He also gives you a sample qi gong meditation practice (that is also on our CD in more elaborate detail).


To begin your qi gong or nei gong practice, you can try our new CD of 9 meditations, Qi Gong For Radiant Health, that is now available to order. Click here to learn more information about the CD, what it includes, how to use the meditations, and how to order. We will soon have more DVDs and downloads available for you to deepen your qi gong practices.

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